Water Lily Spa

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Safe, Natural Pain Relief

Experience true pain relief at Water Lily Spa, a unique day spa in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a myriad of safe, natural treatments focused on enhancing your overall well-being. Choose from a number of full-body massage techniques, including couples, Thai, and the classic Swedish massage.

Deep-Tissue Massage

Our deep-tissue massages are ideal for those suffering from back pain, tension, or the aches and pains that come with physically intense work. We use extensive pressure to relieve deep-down pain, resulting in maximum comfort and relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are much lighter but just as relaxing as our deep tissue technique. Our therapists focus on joints and outer muscle layers.

Swedish Massage

Affordable Rates

Full Body Massage 30 minutes - $30 60 minutes - $60 90 minutes - $60
Four Hand Massage 30 minutes - $60 60 minutes - $120
Foot Massage & Spa Body 30 minutes - $20 60 minutes - $30
Massage Chair $15

Couple Enjoying Massage

Four-Hand Massage

The ultimate relaxation experience, our four-hand massage involves two therapists performing your massage simultaneously! Trust us — you've never experienced bliss quite like this.

Pregnancy Massage

We are proud to offer a massage specifically for pregnant women suffering from lower back pain, stress, and water retention. Expecting mothers deserve to receive relaxing massages, and that's exactly what we provide.